Packing and Moving Supplies

At StoreSmart self-storage, Naples, FL, our mission is to make your next move as organized and efficient as possible. We have on hand all the moving and packing supplies you need to securely prepare your belongings for the move, including boxes in every size, full packing kits for dishes and glasses, even shrink wrap, dust covers, and tie down straps. One quick stop at our office will get you all you need to wrap up your move in record time, including the rental of your U-Haul truck.

Our StoreSmart self-storage professionals on-site here in Naples will gladly assist you in assessing your moving and storage needs with the appropriate purchase or rental of necessary supplies. We pride ourselves on bringing courteous expertise to every opportunity to serve you and look forward to your visit to StoreSmart Naples.

Packing Supplies for sale On-Site:

  • Moving Boxes
  • Packing Kits
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Dust Covers
  • Tie Down Straps
  • & More